NARCOS – SEASON 2 (2016)

Fun ride. You don’t really walk away with any key insights or perspective on the human condition, other than sometimes ambition for ambition’s sake is what drives people.

Other strong themes are that there’s always another bad guy around the corner and that even if you want to succeed, you may actually be enjoying the journey more than the success it eventually brings.

Some great integration of archival footage, in the last episode especially, with the DEA agent posing with Escobar’s body.

This season felt like a lot of ‘here’s a tip, follow it, shoot out, kill some bad guys, repeat.’ Felt a little linear – fun, for sure – but a little too linear.

I would have liked to see more of agent Murphy’s family life towards the end because he seemed to be a bit of a warm body towards the end without much development.

The end of the season became a quieter look at Pablo Escobar and his family, which was welcomed and interested. The acting from Pablo Escobar was constantly gripping and so believable.

They set up the show for a very explicit 3rd season – following the Cali cartel with agent Pena – but without Pablo’s acting I’m unsure if it will be as gripping. Pablo was a man amongst boys – so do we really want to see the boys play?

Maybe the look into the Cali cartel will be more sophisticated and oriented around money laundering and finance, which could be a refreshing change to the bomb and kill approach of Escobar.

If they take that approach, which I bet they do, I’m in. I think Murphy and Pena are charismatic enough to keep driving this thing forward.