STRANGER THINGS (Series, 2016)

by williamldennis

Great for moments. The production design is flawless. However, it felt like it should have been a movie.

There was a lot of Winona Ryder upset and a lot of walking around in the woods and exploring. Not enough plot to justify 8 episodes. Very luxurious filmmaking and definitely delightful at times but feels like they took a great 2 hour movie and pulled it from both ends.

The main issue is that we didn’t learn a tremendous amount more about the characters or the world as the story progress.

We know we have a telekenetic girl, a monster, multiple dimensions, and a corrupt government agency early on. Feel there we don’t learn a ton more about their motives other than some 3rd party predictable “testing on expanding the human psyche to create a weapon.”

I’m not fully sure what the box in the woods was at the end that Hopper dropped the egos off for – I suppose Eleven is in the upside down world fighting the demagorgue and protecting the real world?

The ending was nice with Will having flashbacks to the upside down world and still having the “snake” in his system – raises a few interesting questions of how he’ll recover in the future.

WHERE ARE BARBS PARENTS? She died. Nancy was upset. Moving on haha. Nothing to see here. They could have been incorporated to heighten the tragedy of the situation and balance out the happiness of getting Will back.

I suppose Hopper is now sort of the gatekeeper between the upside down and the real world? I suppose that’s all we can take away from the mysterious car ride with the “bad men.”

Glad I watched it but wish it was denser.