GONE GIRL (2014)

by williamldennis

So dark. So twisty. So fun.

Second time watching this one – threw it on in the background as I was doing some work and cleaning.

The major stand out is the number of twists and how well they’re executed. They happen quicker than you expect and as a result the rabbit hole is deeper than you expect.

We’re learning just how bad these characters are and to what lengths they’ll go.

The more I watch great movies and shows the more I find that point of view is the key to great storytelling. Managing who knows what and when – for both the audience and the characters – can be the difference between average and excellent storytelling.

In GONE GIRL we start with the unreliable narrator then back to real time – as we shift our allegiances shift as well.

The role of the media as a character in this film is brilliant – our opinion is manipulated in much the same way the media manipulates the public’s perception. The media is either villain or friend – depending on if you agree with them.

Brilliant and fun and dark. A good comment on media and the idea of normalcy in relationships – is it what we really want?