Go With Your Gut

by williamldennis


Start ups are full of hard questions. Fundraising, hiring, product design, launch strategy, etc. They all require decisions that are critical to the success of your business.

But why are these decisions hard?

You can read thoughtful case studies from Harvard and an endless waterfalls of blog posts from entrepreneurs sharing start up notes.

You can make other successful founders and influential VCs your advisors. They did what you’re doing and won.

You can look at other companies as strategic or cultural role models. They’re succeeding and have “it figured out.”

All this advice is right. It’s correct. Hell, it’s proven.

But that doesn’t matter.

No matter how similar the business or how experienced an entrepreneur, no advice is 100% right for your business. Times change, markets shift, information is missing.

For every piece of strategic advice there is an equally legitimate example of a successful company that did the opposite. Fab pivoted to success while Pinterest stuck to their guns. The list goes on.

You’re only left with one option — and it’s beautiful and freeing. Do some research, talk to your cofounder, look that decision in its ugly face, say “Hey bud, let’s party,

And go with your gut.